About Us

Oscar McKnight Ph.D.

Dr. McKnight has two graduate degrees from the University of Akron and another graduate degree from Youngstown State University. A concentration area within his Ph.D. program was statistics and analysis; his second graduate degree was in Research and Evaluation.

Dr. McKnight's academic thesis, titled: A Validation Study of Scientific Jury Selection empirically tested the relationship between person vectors (i.e. individual juror demographics) and case facts. Findings suggested that the real value of scientific jury selection was in developing relevant case facts and in most cases, not individual juror characteristics.

Dr. McKnight continues to consult, evaluate and present market research. He has multiple "Best Paper" Awards, as well as "Distinguished Papers" Awards from the Marketing Management Association over the past decade. In addition, he received the ACPA Outstanding Research Award in higher education (American College Personnel Association) and several Mentor Awards (Ohio College Personnel Association and Ashland University).

Although Dr. McKnight is the Associate Dean, Student Affairs, and Director of Psychological Counseling and Health Services at a Mid-West University, he is also a founder and Chief Operating Officer of Scientific Legal Services, LLC. Dr. McKnight's legal experience extends far beyond his graduate work and thesis. Over the past 20 years, he continues to develop online resources and provide legal consultation. Of specific concern is the strategic information gained from various research methods; for example, survey development/analysis, focus or Delphi groups, pool/market data, field research or evaluating unique case dynamics.

Richard W. Epstein, Esquire.

Richard Epstein is a partner in the law firm of Ekker, Kuster, McConnell & Epstein, LLP, concentrating in civil trial work. He was admitted to the Bar in 1977 in Pennsylvania; in 1979 in the District of Columbia; University of Rochester (B.A., 1974); George Washington Law School (J.D., 1977). Mr. Epstein has lectured on various civil litigation topics on behalf of the Pennsylvania Trial Lawyers Association and the Pennsylvania Bar Institute. He has worked extensively with Dr. McKnight in the statistical evaluation of legal matters, both in his own trial practice and as CEO of Scientific Legal Services, LLC.